Bee Keeping

We currently have approximately 100 bee hives both on our own farm and on private residential land within 25 miles of our farm.

The bees on our farm forage on a mix of organic lavender, sunflower and sage. They also forage on Alfalfa and Clover, which are great cover crops that provide much needed nitrogen for the soil around the crops they are grown with.

Our off-site bee yards are on private, non-commercial lands and are mostly wild foraging on wildflower mixes in meadows with horses and cattle.

Backyard Beekeeping Workshop – Hands-On!

Frangiosa Farm will be hosting a Beginner’s Backyard Beekeeping Workshops. This is a 2 1/2 hour hands-on experience where we suit you up and visit backyard apiary. We will walk you through the basics of beekeeping, ranging from tools and equipment to queen identification and basic hive management. If you are considering keeping bees take this class!