Bee Shepherd's Honey Club
Bee Shepherd's Honey Club
Bee Shepherd's Honey Club
Bee Shepherd's Honey Club
brie cheese being drizzled with black elderberry honey on a plate with blueberies and herbs and honeycomb
Bee Shepherd's Honey Club
Bee Shepherd's Honey Club
Bee Shepherd's Honey Club
Bee Shepherd's Honey Club
Bee Shepherd's Honey Club
Bee Shepherd's Honey Club
Bee Shepherd's Honey Club
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Bee Shepherd's Honey Club

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Welcome to Bee Shepherd's Honey Clubs subscription, where the delight of pure, infused honey meets the anticipation of a curated selection. When you join our Honey Club, you're embarking on a flavorful journey, receiving two carefully chosen infused honey varieties with each shipment.

Say goodbye to the guesswork—our team is dedicated to selecting the perfect flavors for every season, ensuring that each delivery is a delightful surprise. At Bee Shepherd's, we take pride in guiding you through our thoughtfully crafted selections, bringing you a taste of nature's bounty with every sweet, golden spoonful.

Our monthly offerings bring you this transcendent experience, carefully curated and curated for enthusiasts of the ambrosial.

Selecting the finest honeys demands a keen eye and a refined palate. Our members savor the privilege of receiving two meticulously chosen jars of honey, sourced from distinguished apiaries. The frequency of this tasting experience—whether monthly, every two months, or every three months—ensures that anticipation is nurtured, enriching the tasting journey.

Delight in the first jar, a testament to the beekeeper's artistry. As the honey cascades onto the spoon, observe its hue, ranging from pale straw to deep amber, and its viscosity, revealing the meticulous care in harvesting. Let the aroma envelop your senses, evoking the terroir and the flower's essence. Upon tasting, allow the honey to caress your taste buds, an orchestra of floral, fruity, or earthy notes, harmonizing in an elegant dance.

Our Bee Shepherd's Honey Club is a communion of connoisseurs, a celebration of the nectar's sublime complexity. With every jar, we invite you to appreciate the subtle variations, the delicate undertones, and the exquisite characteristics that define each honey. Unveil the artistry of the Bee Shepherd's Monthly Honey Club, where honey is not merely a taste but an opulent revelation of nature's craftsmanship. 

  • Lion's Mane Infused honey 12oz jar
  • Reishi Mushroom Infused honey 12oz jar
  • Black Elderberry Infused honey12oz jar
  • Golden Turmeric Infused honey 12oz jar
  • Raw Wildflower Honey 12oz jar
  • Hops Strobile Infused Honey 12oz jar
  • Matcha Green Tea Infused Honey 12oz
  • New Varieties TBD: ???

Lions Mane Reishi Bee Shepherd Honey club


Lion's Mane Infused Honey - THE PRIDE OF THE FUNGI FAMILY

This raw artisan, small batch Adaptogenic Honey with Lion's Mane helps focus and stimulate the mind, all while bringing the taste buds to life with a clean, organic lemon finish!

Reishi Infused Honey - MAKE ‘SHROOM FOR REISHI

This raw artisan, small batch Reishi Mushroom honey helps restore balance and focus the sense, while simultaneously engaging  the taste buds to life with a bright, organic orange flavor.


Frangiosa Farms artisan raw, small batch Golden Turmeric with Raw Honey brings together the natural sweetness from the hives and the mellow, earthy spice from organic Golden Turmeric Root (Curcuma longa) to deliver a taste like no other that provides soothing, long-lasting benefits.

This small batch artisan honey engages both the taste
buds and the natural wellness benefits of Raw Honey and Black Elderberry (sambucus negra) to provide a tasty boost for the immune system, body and spirit! 

This tangy yet sweet raw-honey blend delivers a natural health boost with the addition of black elderberry, an all-purpose, antioxidant-rich super fruit that moderates inflammatory response and supports key body systems.

Raw Wildflower Honey

This is top quality Grade A honey.  This is small batch wildflower honey.  Predominately sweet yellow clover mixed with all the wonderful wildflower our bees could finds.  This honey forms the base for all of our infused honeys.  Enjoy. 

Hops Strobile Infused Honey

This honey is a delectable creation, embodying the essence of hop blossoms interwoven with the artistry of bees. The bees, under the meticulous care of our beekeepers, forage on hop flowers, extracting the unique floral and herbal notes that define this honey. With a mesmerizing amber hue, this honey offers a delicate balance of sweet and slightly bitter flavors, reminiscent of the hops themselves. The aroma is reminiscent of a hop-filled breeze, and the taste is an adventure, marrying the robust essence of hops with the natural sweetness of honey. It's a true delight for those seeking a harmonious fusion of hops and honey in a single jar.

Matcha Green Tea Infused Honey

The Bee Shepherd Matcha Green Tea Honey is a masterful fusion of premium matcha green tea and the finest honey, capturing the essence of Japanese tea culture. Sourced from the verdant fields where matcha leaves flourish, this honey is infused with the vibrant, earthy notes of ceremonial-grade matcha. The honey takes on a subtle jade hue, reflecting the hues of matcha, and boasts a smooth, velvety texture. The aroma is rich with the scent of freshly whisked matcha, while the taste offers a delightful balance of the matcha's umami and the honey's natural sweetness. It's a perfect union of two revered delicacies—matcha and honey—that harmonize to create a uniquely exquisite honey experience.