About Us

Purpose-Driven From Hive to Table

Helping create a positive impact.





A fresh start

   Founded in 2008, Frangiosa Farms is a veteran-owned, Colorado-based small business that infuses 100% pure and raw Rocky Mountain honey with organic adaptogenic and herbal ingredients. Our artisan honey is produced using sustainable, ethical practices (such as spraying hives with essential oils rather than chemicals) to ensure that our bee colonies and those who consume their honey are being treated with care. Our methods are designed to promote prosperous bee colonies.         


The Frangiosa Farms Difference



Crafted by Beekeepers and Farmers

We care for our bees and their hives using only organic, sustainable practices to keep them and their delicate ecosystem thriving

Natural Ingredients

From honey sourced straight from the hive to organic essential oils, every Frangiosa Farms ingredient is natural and intentionally selected.



We never use chemicals or shortcuts to harvest our honey. Our methods are organic and designed to preserve the bee population. 

Wellness-Boosting Adaptogens

Between essential oils and adaptogens like lion’s mane mushrooms and herbal botanicals like elderberry, our honey is infused with powerful ingredients that keep you feeling good and naturally well. 


Driven to Make a Difference



     Frangiosa Farms originated from our founder Nick French’s innate desire to make a difference in the world. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and working for 20 years in finance and real estate, he decided to leave it all behind to pursue his passion: saving the bees. Upon looking for a deeper connection with nature, he fell in love with beekeeping. 

In 2008 he began working with his wife, creating powerful products that combined raw honey with all-natural adaptogens and herbal ingredients. Their goal was to deliver a product that enhanced the wellness of honey consumers while also giving back to the bees.  The rest is history.


Frangiosa Farms Bee Shepherd Honeys are exquisitely crafted infusions made using raw Honey and USDA organic adaptogenic and herbal extracts of Lion's Mane Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Black Elderberry and Golden Turmeric. Created by US Veteran Beekeeper Nick French, these honeys are like nothing else on the market today and feature simple product formulations to bring nature's oldest natural products a delicious 21st century twist. From the the farm, fields, fungi and hive; experience the unique flavor combinations with today’s most in-demand botanicals delivered in a jar of everyone’s favorite treat.