In the Community


A Bee’s Best Friend

At Frangiosa Farms, we’ve set out to make the world a better place—not just for the bees, but also for the people who consume their honey. We’re proud to source all-natural ingredients for our products and adhere to sustainable beekeeping practices that preserve the bee colonies.

Our Commitment to Bees

Give Back to the Bees


We only use all-natural and organic methods that maintain the bees’ communities and ecosystems.

Beekeeping With Care

We only use tried-and-true beekeeping practices, such as organic essential oil spraying, that are guaranteed to keep our hives safe. 


We can’t do it alone. Adopt a single bee or a whole hive to help us protect our Colorado bee community.

Beesaving Tips



Support Your Bee Community


  1. Grow plants that are native to your region and try choosing varieties that produce a lot of nectar and pollen.
  2. Swap your gardening chemicals for more natural alternatives. You can even opt for biological or organic controls like ladybugs. 
  3. Buy organic seeds to minimize bees’ and other insects’ exposure to insecticides.
  4. Support local vendors that prioritize sustainable and all-natural practices to help give back to your community. 



Learn More

Frangiosa Farms is pleased to announce its commitment to help veterans nationwide transition from “Protector to Provider,” through the Denver-based non-profit Veterans to Farmers program. The mission of Veterans to Farmers trains vets and assists them in providing essential skills in agriculture, tech and business operations to help them lead a more fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.


Nick French, our founder and “Bee Shepherd” is a former U.S. Marine and has been involved with Veterans to Farmers since 2013. Nick relates to the non-profit’s mission in many ways both as a veteran and farmer. “I feel a solid connection to my brother and sister veterans, which is why I am donating 10 cents from every jar of that we sell to the Veterans to Farmers program. We want to make a difference and help veterans earn college credits and valuable skills that lead to jobs.”

A farmer by trade, French grew up on a small farm in Northwestern Ohio where the primary crops were beans, corn, and wheat. After spending five years in the Marine Corps and many years overseas, Nick returned to the family farm nearly 12 years ago where he learned to become a beekeeper. Today, Nick manages our 150 bee colonies at the peak of summer!

Earlier this fall, Frangiosa Farms donated $10,000 to Veterans to Farmers during the charity’s annual fundraiser held at the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms. “There are hundreds of veterans waiting to join our program. Thanks to Frangiosa Farms' support, their donation will go far and will train veterans in food and agriculture,” said Rich Murphy, Executive Director of Veterans to Farmers. “We are grateful for Nick”s dedication and commitment to our mission.”

About Veterans to Farmers

Founded in 2009, Veterans to Farmers trains veterans to excel in agricultural systems, technologies, and business operations for a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle. The Veterans to Farmers program provides a way for vets to recover, to learn, and to move forward by becoming providers, contributing to the solution of our food-insecure nation. Veterans to Farmers assist veterans in assimilating effectively, productively, and permanently into private citizenry through agricultural training and education.

We are honored and  inspired by the mission at Veterans To Farmers and we are pleased to continue to support them in the years to come!