Herbal and mushroom-infused honey that takes your wellness to the next level.

Natural, infused honey formulations created to delight the sense and save the bees!


* Expertly crafted by Beekeepers and Farmers

* All-natural ingredients

* Sustainably-Harvested

* Organic Adaptogens & Herbal Botanicals

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The Story of The Bee Shepherd

Frangiosa Farms started as founder Nick French’s passion project, but it quickly became so much more. After leaving the Marine Corps and forgoing his corporate jobs, he began beekeeping as a way to craft a deeper connection with nature. Over time, he worked with his wife, Ali (a certified aromatherapist) to develop our signature mushroom and herbal honeys that helps our customers enjoy the benefits of raw honey and organic botanicals. We also strive to protect our delicate local ecosystem, give back to our bees, and create a self-sustaining life cycle that makes a positive impact.

Back to nature

We’re on a  mission to make the world a better place—for both bees and the people that consume their honey. Our all-natural products are made with only raw, colorado honey, organic ingredients, essential oils and powerful adaptogens to support health and wellness, all while bolstering the bees’ natural ecosystems.

Our all-natural ingredients

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Adopt-A-Honey Bee

Our Adopt a Bee program makes it easy for you to make a difference. Choose from three different donation levels — from a single bee to a whole hive— to support our mission of sustaining healthy bee colonies and keeping Colorado beautiful.