Black Elderberry in Raw Honey 12oz
brie cheese being drizzled with black elderberry honey on a plate with blueberies and herbs and honeycomb
Black Elderberry in Raw Honey 12oz
Frangiosa Farms

Black Elderberry in Raw Honey 12oz

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This small batch artisan honey engages both the tastebuds and the natural wellness benefits of Raw Honey and Black Elderberry (sambucus negra) to provide a tasty boost for the immune system, body and spirit! 

This tangy yet sweet raw-honey blend delivers a natural health boost with the addition of black elderberry, an all-purpose, antioxidant-rich superfruit that moderates inflammatory response and supports key body systems. Reach for this powerful infusion to help tame inflammation, lower stress and arm your immune system against whatever life throws your way!

This blend has never been heated over 115°F, meaning that it retains many of the pollen, propolis and royal jelly benefits and natural properties that get lost in conventional, mass-produced honey. 

Raw Wildflower Honey and USDA Organic Black Elderberry Extract are all that go into each jar of Bee Shepherd Raw Honey with Black Elderberry.


An exquisitely crafted natural honey from the farms, fields and hives.

Created by beekeepers, with your wellness in mind.


Add 1-2 teaspoon of Frangiosa Farms infused Raw Honey with Black Elderberry to your coffee, tea, smoothie, shake, or favorite recipe daily.

INGREDIENTS: Raw Wildflower Honey, Organic Black Elderberry Fruit Extract ( organic cane alcohol, organic vegetable glycerine, Organic Black Elderberry fruit)