Reishi Mushroom in Raw Honey Orange 12oz
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Reishi Mushroom in Raw Honey Orange 12oz
Frangiosa Farms

Reishi Mushroom in Raw Honey Orange 12oz

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This raw artisan, small batch Reishi Mushroom honey helps restore balance in the body and increase focus, while simultaneously engaging the tastebuds to life with a bright, organic orange flavor.


Raw Wildflower Honey, USDA Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract (from fruiting bodies) and a touch of organic orange essential oil are the only 3 ingredients that make up this uplifting, satisfying honey infusion. Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is one of the most studied and well-known of the adaptogenic mushrooms and is renowned as the only natural source for specific triterpenes called ganoderic acids, which help support the brain’s ability to adapt and maintain functional balance in spite of environmental stressors.

Restore your balance and focus with our Reishi Mushroom & Orange Raw Honey. This artisan honey blend is packed with adaptogens to boost brain function and balance, complimented by a bright and citrusy taste from the zesty orange essential oil, known to help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

This blend has never been heated over 115°F, meaning that it retains many of the pollen, propolis and royal jelly benefits and natural properties that get lost in conventional, mass-produced honey.

An exquisitely crafted natural infusion from the farm, fungi and hives.

Created by beekeepers, with your wellness in mind.


Add 1-2 teaspoon of Frangiosa Farms infused Raw Honey with Reishi Mushroom to your coffee, tea, smoothie, shake, or favorite recipe daily.

INGREDIENTS: Raw Wildflower Honey, Organic Reishi Mushroom (Organic grain alcohol, organic dried reishi mushroom), Organic Orange Essential Oil