Can eating adaptogenic fungi infused foods help relieve stress?


Frangiosa Farms Bee Shepherd Adaptogenic Honeys article"  Can eating adaptogenic fungi infused foods help relieve stress?

"Last month, my daughter and a friend scootered to the store alone for the first time, and I was worried. It had been an hour since they left, and the store isn’t far. I didn’t want to be the parent who freaks out and imagines the worst-case scenario, but I was. I was about to reach for my car keys, but instead I reached for Parker’s Frangiosa Farms adaptogenic honeys, blends of mushroom extract, a little organic citrus, and the farm’s artisan raw honey. I don’t know that adaptogens work instantly, but conducting an impromptu honey tasting kept me from embarrassing my daughter in front of her friend."

There are so many nuances to honey: their flavors can change based on the flowers the bees visited and even the weather. The reishi honey is fresh and citrusy, while the lion’s mane is rich with notes of maple syrup and, well, mushrooms. Both are different from my “control” wildflower honey, which tastes like molten columbine and sunflowers.

De-stressability: By the time I finished dipping into my little jars, she was home. My blood pressure returned to normal, but who’s to say if it’s because of the honey or the returned child.

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